Words Of Power

By Ritchie Valentine Smith

In a samurai wonderland, in exile from the Empire of Albion, young Man must bring change and freedom to save his new home from terror and destruction – if he can...


His friends? The two princesses of the city of Jade, one steely, one sweet. A warrior poet from the famous Fujiwara clan. And the loving, Albion-descended Christian girl singer, 'the Voice from Afar'.


His opponent? The Lord of the North, who represents cold, entropy, the passage of time and death.


The action begins...

Reader Reviews

"Magic, mystery and danger ... hard to put down." – 5 stars

"A very smooth read. The exotic samurai background is accessible and (the writer) really believes in what he’s writing." – 5 stars

"Extraordinarily well-written fantasy ... quite wonderful twists and plot turns all along the way. So, highly recommended!" – 5 stars

“...a story that comes to us dripping with fantasy-satisfying magic (and with) a thundering good denouement.” Thebookbag.co.uk – 4 stars


‘WORDS OF POWER’: the series

Welcome to the website for the 'Words of Power'  books and their author Ritchie Valentine Smith.

The 'Words' sequence is a multicultural epic fantasy set in an alternative version of our own world. Follow the characters through Japan, the Empire of Albion, India, China, and then on to the Holy Land, and the magical siege of Jerusalem.

Man Kinross is the central character. Throughout the series, he and his friends are desperately trying to find salvation for their world and the worlds beyond.

Man and the others, all vital people in every way, are on the side of life. There is currently a fashion for the grim and dark in fantasy. No one could admire George R.R. Martin and Joe Abercrombie more than the author, as they are wonderful writers, both, but his own work is, ultimately, about our glimpses of the light...

This series is written by the award-winning creator of 'Rocket Man' and 'Kiss'.

A modestly revised 'Words of Power' went live on Kindle in June 2015, where readers who bought the first edition may get the revision. Please note that the part of the story set in samurai Japan will now be completed in four books as follows:


'Words of Fury' - February 2017

'Words of Darkness' - August 2017

'Words of Light' - April 2018


Do keep reading, and thank you all for your support.


Latest information

January 2017
A happy and bountiful New Year to all – after our various unsettling political surprises… And there is now a film set in just the same kind of world as the 'Words' books: Martin Scorsese's 'Silence', which your author saw recently at the Brixton Ritzy in London. Beautifully shot and very, very well-acted – perhaps dark, but a very moving experience, and in the last moments especially you will find true uplift…

December 2016
Just a note to say that finalizing 'Words of Fury' has been unexpectedly time-consuming; current date for completion is February 2017. Thanks for your patience! Just fine-tuning; and almost there.

October 2016
Your author is now returned from the British Fantasy Society 2016 convention. An excellent, thought-provoking time it was! Strange to realize again that my old drinking buddy from the Eighties, Rob Holdstock, is now several years dead, with the British Fantasy Award (novel category) named after him as a memorial...

As well as meeting Harriet Goodchild and Irene Soldatos, I particularly enjoyed encountering Adrian Tchaikovsky, whose excellent Jane-Austen-muskets-and-magic mash-up 'Guns of the Dawn' made the final ballot at the Con. The American Scott Lynch much impressed me with his eloquence, sensitivity and humour: here’s to you, Scott – my theatrical anecdotes about Sylvester McCoy can wait – and the signed copy of 'The Lies of Locke Lamora' is next on my reading-list!

September 2016
Your author is now attending Fantasycon-by-the-sea, Scarborough, UK, September 23-25 2016. It is (we quote) ‘celebrating the fantastic, the horrific and the awe-inspiring in literature, image and film’. The US Guests of Honor are Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch.

Paperback copies of Words of Power will be available free – if you win a competition – through the www.thebookbag.co.uk.



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(St. Francis of Assisi? Not quite, but...)


Feeding the hungry

Are you talking to me?

Research in Japan

Your author, very high up in Tokyo

Nagasaki (Jade) - a black ship arrives

After the city burned...

Your author, against a shoji screen

A 'hell' in Shimabara, where Christians were once sacrificed

A memorial to the sacrifice...



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The Author

Ritchie Valentine Smith was born on Tyneside. Once a social worker, once a poet, once on the BBC ‘New Talent’ programme, he is the author of three previous novels, 'Fortune', 'Winning' and 'Risk'.

In 2003 his play 'Rocket Man' was on at the Pleasance (Edinburgh Fringe) and the Union Theatre, London, where it won a Peter Brook Award for its producers. He wrote and produced 'Kiss'. He then worked as a reviewer for www.edinburghguide.com, covering stand-up comedy and theatre.

In his research for the 'Words of Power' series the author has travelled extensively, going to the Middle East and the Holy Land on several occasions, to India, and most recently to Japan, where he would like to thank the hospitable people of Kyushu and Nagasaki especially.

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